Space Shooter Ultimate is a Fun Game for Shmup Fans

If you are a fan of shoot’em ups or shmups, there’s a new game on the Play Store you might like to check out. Its called Space Shooter Ultimate and it is a fast paced shooter set in space.

In this game, you take your spacecraft into the dark galaxies and fight waves upon waves of alien spacecraft while dodging the bullets and laser beams being directed at you. The controls are quite simple as you only need to touch the screen to move around and shoot.

There’s plenty of explosive action accompanied by beautiful graphics. You earn credits for taking down the enemies and you can use these credits to upgrade your attack and defenses. You also have the option to earn free credits by downloading certain apps and games.

There are a lot of missions to take on and big boss battles to fight at the end of each level, so there’s enough content in there to keep you engaged for a little while at least.

Space Shooter Ultimate is free to download but you’ll find the odd ad popping up now and again, which you have to contend with. If you’re looking for a light casual shooting game, go ahead and download the game using our link below.

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