Solve Puzzles to Steal Lightbulbs for Two Adorable Fuzz Balls in Lightomania

If you loved Om Nom, the candy chomping evergreen hero of Cut the Rope fame, you will be equally entertained and charmed by Lightomania’s two adorable fuzzy ball creatures who love nothing more than to steal and gobble up burning light bulbs.

In Nravo Inc.’s puzzle game, you make use of the fuzzy creatures’ tongues as a catapult to get them to the light source. All you need to do is pull out the tongue, find the best trajectory, and let go. There are several objects in the environment such as rotating platforms and sticky surfaces that you’ll make use of as you bounce around to reach your objective. The partners-in-crime work together, bouncing off each other to get twice as much leverage on their jumps to reach impossible heights.

Lightning bolts replace the otherwise standard star collecting in this game, and when you have collected a sufficient number of them you can unlock the next set of puzzles. Your primary challenge though is in getting to the light bulbs in the least amount of jumps.

There’s a lot to like in the game besides the fuzzy duo. The game environment is bright and colorful, the animations are truly delightful, the music is great and the logical puzzles are good enough to keep you engaged in your dullest hours.

Lightomania packs 72 levels of puzzles in all and promises to give you cool bonuses and rewards for your playing efforts. You can grab the game from the Play Store for $0.99.


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