Snailboy – An Epic Adventure Slithering into Stores This Fall

Snails are in this year it seems. First you have the new Disney movie Turbo coming out and now I find out about an upcoming mobile game called Snailboy – An Epic Adventure which features snails and honestly looks like you’re playing a movie than a game which is amazing. This slimey game is brought to you by a new up and coming indie developer studio from South Africa called Thoopid and Snailboy is to be their first title.

So far only a few videos have been released but what they show looks really good. First off Snailboy looks amazing. Just seeing still shots you might have confused it with a real Pixar movie. Secondly gameplay looks fairly well done. Snailboy – An Epic Adventure is to be a puzzle platformer but control wise you kind of fling the snailboy character around to move and like most sticky substances he sticks to things and does all other sorts of snail things.

There is going to be over 40 levels of snail smacking and slithering action as Snailboy looks for the perfect shell. Release date has it coming out for iOS in late September with an Android release soon after. Also worth mentioning is it is planned to release on the OUYA as well for those of you who still have hope for the console.

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