Smash Your Friends and Opponents in a Jolly Good Game of Joust in Rival Knights

Knights in shining armor: men aspire to be like them and ladies swoon at their brave antics. Despite the fact that the good old days when these heroes roamed the earth are gone, there is still a part of us that wants to be that knightly hero.

That’s why games such as Rival Knights keep getting published. Gameloft has brought in a new jousting game to Android where you can live your knightly fantasy by competing against friends and other players worldwide in a good old game of joust.

Rival Knights does not have a gripping storyline and its a situation you’ve probably found yourself in countless other games; your kingdom is in trouble after the king is killed and the enemies are making a run for the lands. You participate in jousting battles to win the “Tournament Chest” and save the kingdom.

In each round of the game, you time your taps as accurately as you can when the cursor moves over the target spot. The game’s stunning 3D graphics, dynamic camera angles, ragdoll physics, and slow-mo effects are a treat to watch.

As far as your equipment goes, there are over 120 mounts, lances, armors, and helms with the ability to upgrade them to gain an advantage over your rivals. However, the exciting feature of Rival Knights is the weekly PvP multiplayer tournaments which should make the game truly worth playing.

Rival Knights is available on the Play Store for free. Be sure to get on your steed and grab this game if you want to become a knight in your own right!

User Reviews


Amazing graphics, easy to master and fun. Awsome game!

Posted by bbone 10 years ago

Get money and run

Another polished, style over substance game from Gameloft. I'm starting to hate this money making machines. Most of their games are interesting for 1 day.

Posted by indieG 10 years ago

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