Small World 2 Brings Asynchronous Multiplayer and More to Android

Developers Days of Wonder are no strangers to the mobile gaming world. Their smash board game Small World was only outdone by another popular one called Ticket to Ride. Now the guys are back with a Kickstarter funded Small World 2 where players compete with a whole lot of fantasy races to conquer lands on a cramped up map. This is essentially the same game you played before but with asynchronous multiplayer features, extra races, and more special powers added.

Just like in the board game, new maps are built to accommodate 3, 4 and 5 players. With more players entering the fray, its only fair to introduce more ways of playing the game. Small World 2 will now let you pass and play with up to 5 opponents, play over local Wi-Fi, or battle online players in real-time turn by turn moves. If you wish to go solo, you’ll have 4 built-in AI to tackle. All your scores will get updated everyday so you can compare your daily, weekly or all time scores. There is also an exclusive Online Buddies integration system that should keep real-time playing smooth and easy.

There will be 20 new races as well as special powers available via IAPs, with the addition of a brand new world called Be Not Afraid. The game’s graphics and animations are beautifully done with the musical score and sound effects complementing the game nicely. There’s also an interesting video tutorial for newbies to learn a thing or two about the game and the tutorial features master guide Glandulf himself.

If you’re looking for a fun multiplayer game to play with a group of people, Small World 2 should nicely fit the bill. You can pick it up from the Play Store for $9.99.

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