Slice and Slice Your Way Through Slash of the Dragon

If you haven’t realized it, when it comes to a lot of RPG mobile games nowadays there is a set formula that the likes of Puzzle Dragons, Quiz RPG, Monster Match, etc. adhere to. By this I mean you face groups of enemies in a rather linear path and you collect monsters yourself to form a team. From this each monster has elemental characteristics, you can combine/evolve them to get better and the whole system relies heavily on an IAP system. The one catch that keeps this sub-genre formula going is that each of the games that utilizes this base formula is fairly different. Some are match three, some are trivia based, etc. Slash of Dragons is another RPG following that strict formula but has its own spin on it all.

The spin for Slash of Dragons is what the name implies; actually slashing things. So while the overall features are tried and true the actual bread and butter of the game (the slashing) is unique and innovative. In addition there are over 300 types of monsters which you can evolve and level up, sword upgrades and a social network integration. These types of RPGs are insanely popular and if you are into the whole system then Slash of Dragons is another nobrainer for you to download.

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