Size Matters; Big Gun!

If you want a pure action game featuring guns…and big guns at that then you need to check out Big Gun by DroidHen. It is you versus literal hordes of monsters with your guns as your only defense. Luckily all you need are your guns, especially since they are super powered and super fun to shoot!

Big Gun is sort of an action shooter with heavy RPG or at least upgrade features. In fact there are over 30 weapons/guns at your disposal including handguns, shotguns, rocket launchers, miniguns and more. Each gun shoots different and has different attributes. In addition to the guns you have plenty of skills you can use. There are twelve skills to use and there are hundreds of combinations of how to use them best to your advantage. Since Big Gun is full of action you can expect plenty of monsters. In fact there can be over 100 monsters on screen at a time! There are eight types of monsters including vampires, nagas and dragons. So if you want pure shooting action with more depth, check out Big Gun.

Big Gun

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