Six Home Poker Tables To Consider Buying

For all the poker lovers out there who enjoy the regular poker gathering playing with family and friends, you might be considering purchasing your own poker table sooner or later. Whether you might already have a clue as to the type of poker table you are interested to get, there are actually several considerations that you should think about and go over before you place an order; Poker tables are after all not an inexpensive item to buy on a whim, but a long-term investment that should be able to survive years of play. Without further ado, let’s read through the following list of the six best poker table investments you can consider making. And if you need recommendations for poker sites, ignition has casino poker for cash.

1. Sticks Artist-Commissioned Poker Table

Sarah Grant founded Sticks approximately 25 years back, and her stock in trade has been all about designing and selling artistic objects that function aesthetically as a piece of furniture in anyone’s living space. This funky and neat poker table is of a hexagon shape 48 inches across, with six hand-made leather upholstered chairs. A unique feature is that there are quirky statements carved onto the table and chairs; “Show me your poker face”, “Who’s taking the pot home tonight”, “Dear Lord, help me break-even”, “Shuffle the cards and anty up”, “Luck be a lady tonight”, and “Winning is everything in poker” are just some of the examples. With its unique and colorful carvings, this poker table set is certainly one of a kind and can be yours for a hefty price tag of $20,000.

2. ESPN 10 Player Premium Poker Table

ESPN 10 Player Premium is a premium poker table indeed, with in-laid LED lights which string across the raised padded armrests which is a pretty cute feature that makes for easier card reading. It boasts of stability and durability, with an oversized table apron that is two inches wider than the standard poker table and one and one-eighth inch diameter steel legs that are reinforced with welded steel brackets. While the table can be stored away by folding into half easily, its over hundred-pound weight definitely does not make it portable by any means. The price out-laid for this table is at around $200. To add on, if you find the LED lights too cheesy, you can always turn them right off at your disposal.

3. Loft Poker Table

Available for sale at the Billiard Factory, the Loft Poker Table is a classy and simple poker tabletop. The rustic wood poker table embraces modern with industrial metal as it is supported by crisscrossed iron struts. It goes for around $1700 plus the cost of shipping, but that is only the cost for the table as there are no accompanying chairs to make it a whole set. You might have to take the search for matching chairs entirely elsewhere as a scroll through the Billiard Factory’s website reveals no suitable options. Besides, the chairs offered range at around $350 to $1400 per chair.

4. X2 Poker table

What’s better than a convertible poker table that can serve the purpose of a poker play spot and a dining tabletop? The X2 Poker Table can be sourced from the Discount Poker Shop at about $1700. The oval poker table spans 72 inches which can seat eight poker players comfortably and is fitted with a removable square dining tabletop. There are several areas for customization, like the choice of a cut-out or not in the elbow cushion for the dealer. The X2 Poker Table is also fitted with eight 4-inch stainless steel cup holders and features various felt color and pattern options for buyers to choose from. Like the Loft Poker Table, there are no accompanying chairs, but the good thing is that there are matching chairs that can be added on to the purchase.

5. Round Table

Gorilla Gaming offers this simply named poker table and just like its name, the Round Table is indeed very simple without any frills. The Round Table is a simple round table with elbow cushions and a felt table and has a pedestal base that does its job at keeping it sturdy with zero movements. There are three sizes that the Round Table comes in, which you can choose based on the number of players you will likely be playing with. With that said, the largest 60-inch table may not be the best choice for fear of leaning mishaps. This simple table comes with a simple price tag of $859, and you can source for your own accompanying chairs elsewhere.

6. Nighthawk Poker Table

The Nighthawk Poker Table is yet another great option as a convertible table. Available for purchase at the BBO Poker Tables, this 55-inch table can seat eight players comfortably, and has a removable tabletop that can be attached to hide and protect it, as well as function as a dining table. The tabletop is certainly high quality with deep elbow cushioning that runs along the table perimeters and features a laminate track with molded chip wells in the interior. The Nighthawk Poker Table is also fitted with stainless steel cup holders for each of the eight players. A premium add-on for this table would be the eight USB smart charging stations that are sure to make new visitors coo in awe, but which comes at a cost of $400. While the default table color is black, BBO Poker Tables offer a mahogany option to further enhance the luxury factor of the poker table. The table itself is priced at $1350, but you can add the accompanying eight chairs which will set you back at about $1800 more. The tabletop is priced separately at around $600 and only comes in a black finish.


In making a choice, consider how you will be using the table, the frequency of use, and the number of players involved. This list of poker tables ranges from the simplest round table to the most ludicrous designs; We’re sure you’re bound to like one of them!

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