SEGA’s Coin-Dozer Game with RPG Elements Dragon Coins Lands on Android

If you’re a fan of coin-dozer games, SEGA’s got an interesting one lined up on the Play Store called Dragon Coins. The game was initially launched in Japan, but it looks like the game has now opened out to more markets.

Typical of most coin dozer games, you drop coins onto a dancing platform, which shuffles and shakes them down to the bottom tray, wherein lie a bunch of cute anime monsters.

When enough number of coins collect in a monster tray, the monster comes forth and attacks the enemy who is perched at the top of the screen. There are differently colored coins, the gold ones used for upgrades while the green ones help in healing. There are also over 100 monsters to collect with options to combine different types of monsters and evolve them into super monsters.

Although the game basically revolves around dropping coins there appears to be a great level of depth in its upgrade and evolution system, which can keep you captivated for hours.

However, as with most coin-dozer games, there’s also a very good excuse to spend your real world currency on a bunch of coin packs that can empower your monsters and help you complete your missions more effortlessly. If you are curious about the game, you can pick it up from the Play Store for the deceptively easy price of free.

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