Do a Rubik’s Cube with Broken Toys in Block Puzzle Game Lost Toys

Toys most often bring back fond memories of happy childhood times. Grown ups can no longer take pleasure from such simple playthings anymore, but Barking Mouse Studio makes an attempt to retrieve some of those good times with their 3D block puzzle game Lost Toys.

You are taken to a gloomy room where once wholesome toys now hang from the ceiling in a state of disrepair. Just like a Rubik’s puzzle, you must twist and turn the various pieces of the toys to bring them back to their original form. You have a limited number of moves in which to rearrange the toys in the correct order with options to undo a move if required.

The game is deceptively challenging with more complexity than meets the eye. There are 4 chapters in the game with 32 levels to plough through, each level getting progressively difficult as you delve deeper into the game.

Cool monochrome graphics, ambient piano music and intricate block puzzles make this a must check out game on your tablet. Its available on the Play Store for $2.99.

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