Ride Over Zombies and Wipe Off Blood-soaked Windshields in Horror Game Dead End

Zombies are the popular heroes of many a great Android game; some zombie flicks are light hearted fun, while others tend to take a walk on the wilder, bloodier side. Dead End from Flying Oaks fits into the latter category.

In the game, you are tasked with the job of dashing off to a safe, zombie-free place using your trusty car, and for once you don’t have to follow the traffic rules. In fact, if you happen to see some bloodthirsty zombies walking around aimlessly just ride right into them. Your windshield will take the brunt of the damage and will get all bright red and bloody, but don’t worry, you can turn on the wipes, and get right back into the game. Dangers come by way of traps and you must avoid them when you can.

Want to drive faster and kill more zombies. You can’t do it with your basic ride, but pimp it up using the in-game currency you earned during play and you’ll be have a vastly improved vehicle that can deal more damage and take you to the safely to your destination more quickly.

Dead End is filled with plenty of missions, but there isn’t too much depth in terms of gameplay. If you fancy an old school arcade racing game with some classy monochromatic graphics with some bloody zombie smashing thrown for good measure, Dead End is for you. It isn’t completely free to play though. You’ll have to unlock the full game via IAPs for $1.99.

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