Retro Puzzle JRPG! Check Out Block Legend

What could be better than the combination of puzzles and JRPG? I can’t think of much as my love of puzzles used in other genres is too strong. Block Legend by Alvin Phu is branded as exactly that; a puzzle JRPG. The icing on the cake is that Block Legend features bright colors and pixel graphics.

Block Legend will have you traversing many different regions as you play a wide cast of characters while you fight monsters and complete quests. Gameplay specifically is a brick breaker type puzzle where you smash groups of bricks of 3 or more. Of course each colored brick corresponds to something which helps attack, etc. Throughout the game you will have tons of heroes to play as in addition to fighting a huge variety of monsters. There are also boss battles to keep you challenged and over 100 quests to complete. Block Legend is $1.96 but is a one time buy. No further in-app purchases necessary! So check out Block Legend today!

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