The Real Reasons to choose iPhone over Android

There are so many benefits that the Apple iPhone offer over Android. iPhones are more lucrative than the Android and at the same time, it offer an enhanced technical support. The beauty part is that despite playing best usa online casino games for real money, users are also able to update latest iOS easier than the Android.

It’s not a secret we also love the Android devices, the real reasons is that it is easy to use. It offer its users easy navigation tools. But that not good enough to conclude that the Android software is good than iOS. Without wasting much of your time, here are the reasons why you should choose iPhone devices over Android devices.

iPhone is faster than Android Phones

A test was carried out to compare iPhone 7 plus with Galaxy S8 which is part of the Android family. The Samsung galaxy S8 make use of Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 chip. During the tests and the comparison process of the two phones. iPhone takes the lead simply because of its apps. The iPhone 7 plus was faster in opening apps compare to the Samsung Galaxy S8.

The Best Apps are first introduced for iPhone’s iOS

There are millions of app development experts for the iOS and Android. But what’s fascinating is that the best applications are offered to the iOS first before being introduced to Android users. We reckon this same approach is the one that they also use in providing rugby betting games. Those who have iOS will surely get the latest games before any mobile software get them. It is a massive advantage if you love playing online casino games for real money.

Better Hardware and Software in iPhone

The latest iPhone models are now very different from the previous models. This is because of the improved 3D Touch display. It encompass a top-notch software to propel an immersive user-experience for iOS users, both iPad and iPhone.

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