Randomness and Payouts in Slot Machines

All casino slots have their specific payout ratio or, as it is also called, the percentage of return, which is about 93-98%. This percentage is laid down by the manufacturer and cannot be changed during the operation of the slot machines (subject to the use of licensed software). High payout ratios attract players, but don’t throw money away after seeing the cherished 99% – no one will tell you at what distance the machine will return the money, and how much.

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Why randomness in slot machines cannot be calculated?

All game combinations fall out in random order, which is determined by the random number generator. There are many myths and strategies on how to deceive or calculate “randomness” to your advantage, but in practice, such strategies do not work. Even if you omit the talismans, lucky machine numbers, and hours of play – there are no existing strategies. Even if you track red and black using the example of a roulette, subtracting the probability of one outcome or another, you will not succeed. The fact is that the random number generator, like the roulette wheel, doesn’t care how many times a red or a certain combination on the reels of the slot machine has fallen. Each next result is independent of the previous one.

Can I trust a random number generator?

The RNG MD5 algorithm was written several decades ago and is considered reliable and well protected from scammers and third-parties. And to gain the trust of players, honest online casinos also work with independent audit companies. For example, with the international organization e-Commerce Online Gambling Regulation and Assurance, which verifies:

  • Reliability, confidentiality, and security of the gaming club;
  • The work of the random number generator in the software and the correspondence of the payout ratio to the declared – tests are conducted for 6 months;
  • Reports on winnings on slots, poker, table, and other casino games.

So, if you see the eCOGRA certificate in online casino documents – this is a good argument to trust such a club.

Undocumented Features

In the practice of gaming software, there is such a thing as undocumented features. These are the features of machines that are not included in the official documentation. They represent various nuances in the work of the slot, which can be laid down especially (for subsequent modifications) or accidentally, by mistake of the developers (bugs). Due to such failures, the random number generator can, under certain conditions, produce some kind of stable result. For example, to give winnings more often when betting X on the number of lines Y or guaranteed to give a bonus after the number of bets N. Such bugs are often sought out by professional gamblers to beat online casinos.

One of the most famous cases of such a puncture occurred in a real casino in Las Vegas in 2009, when two attentive players discovered a bug and won more than $ 400,000 at Draw Poker.

However, hoping for such luck is not worth it. Firstly, software developers are very vigilant in testing their software before it reaches ordinary users. Secondly, the rules of any online casino stipulate that a win in a game due to a technical malfunction or a software error may be canceled. Moreover, if you are found to have abused software problems and not reported to the casino administration, most likely your account will be blocked.

When choosing machines, focus on high percentages of returns, but rely on your luck more than the chance to calculate the actions of the random number generator.

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