RadianGames Fires Up its Intense Arcade Shooter Super Crossfire onto Android

RadianGames is not new to shoot’ em up style games. Adding to their exclusive list of shooters, Ballistic SE, Fireball SE, and Inferno+ is another retro styled arcade shooter called Super Crossfire. This game draws inspiration from the age old classic Space Invaders but transforms it into something truly awesome with intense gameplay, stunning visuals, and a powerful upgrade system.

Super glowing alien objects are shooting frantically at you and you need to dodge the incoming fire while at the same time shooting back at the enemies. One big advantage you have in the game is the ability to warp to the top and bottom of the screen to better handle the top down shooting action. With wave after wave of enemies coming at you, you’ll need more than just warping powers; there are powerups like bubble shields that will come in handy and options to upgrade your battered ship with armor, speed, super segments, and gem magnetism among others.

Super Crossfire manages to pack in over 150 different types of enemy waves with multiple difficulty levels across its  5 intense chapters. If you love frantic, fast paced, top down shooters, you can grab Super Crossfire from the Play Store for $ 1.99.

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