Racing Game Small&Furious Takes Crash Test Dummies and Puts Them to the Test

Who doesn’t love physics based racing games?  Sure, they have an oft-repeated formula, but it never seems to go stale. So here’s another one you racing folks are going to enjoy. This one comes to you courtesy POSSIBLE Games and its called Small&Furious.

If you ever wondered how those cool cars and trucks you drive around in survive the bumps and jumps of your daily commute, think crash test dummies.  Small&Furious puts 14 cute crash test dummies in your hands and lets you race hard and crash harder and have loads of fun doing it.

The game has 80 tracks, 11 designer cars, and 4 different environments to race around in. The game quests are timed but you can make use of cool boosters such as Nitro to help you reach your checkpoints in time.

Small&Furious, while being a racing game also gives you an educational learning experience. Check it out on the Play Store. Its free and it’s a great way to spend your idle time.

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