Race Oldschool With Retro Future Racing

If you want a unique racing game experience then check out Retro Future Racing by Magma Mobile. The game features retro elements but also has that “future” aspect to it. Retro Future Racing features great 3D racing, great tracks, cars and more. You’ll get that nostalgia feel by playing this new age racing game.

The racing “gimmick” to Retro Future Racing is that you get to race with some great oldie cars but in some weird futuristic environments. Also the graphics have a little bit of a retro feel to them (at least to me). There are tons of retro cars to choose from and can be customized both in looks and in performance. The way the upgrade system works is the more you play the more points you earn to use to upgrade your retro cars. Luckily, Retro Future Racing is pretty fun so you won’t have an issue playing a lot. Retro Future Racing also features some really cool tracks. Gameplay wise, Retro Future Racing has a great engine that really gets the aspect of speed across. If you want a cool and groovy racing game then I suggest checking out Retro Future Racing, its free!

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