More Puzzling Fun in Doors & Rooms 2

The room based puzzle genre is huge and insanely popular. Just look at all the different iterations of “100 Rooms”, “100 Doors”, “The Room”, etc. These are all pretty fun puzzle games that get you solving miniature puzzles in mind boggling ways. The original Doors & Rooms was one of these and did a great job at the genre. Now, Gameday Inc. is back with Doors & Rooms 2 which has more puzzling action!

Doors & Rooms 2 provides graphical differences of where you will be solving the puzzles. Bars, schools, the subway, living rooms, etc. You are not limited to looking at the same decor for all the levels. Adding on to that is that all the graphics are in HD. As to be expected rooms get harder and harder as you go on but luckily the controls and such are rather user intuitive. But don’t be fooled as you will have to think outside the box to figure out the puzzles. Doors & Rooms 2 also provides more in depth controls for the puzzle solving. For example obtained items can be searched, dismantled, etc. Sounds also can give you clues in Doors & Rooms 2 which adds another dimension. Overall, if you like these room based puzzle games Doors & Rooms 2 is a must download.

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