PuzzleBits; An Explosively Good Time

NoodleCake Studios makes some pretty fun and crazy games. Pixel Twist, Happy Jump, Super Stickman Golf, etc. They know what the public wants and publish games accordingly. Their latest app venture is a interesting puzzle game called PuzzleBits that mixes a little bit of Tetris with just fun explosive action!

The way gameplay works in PuzzleBits is you have a partially finished shape and then other shape bits that you place on the big shape to complete it. Shapes form such pictures as dinosaurs, fish, fences, bugs, etc. The interesting and just fun bit of PuzzleBits is that once completed correctly the puzzle explodes! The pieces then rearrange to form the next level. PuzzleBits as of now features over 500 exploding levels and are all brightly colored and fun. Gameplay doesn’t look too hard and as such PuzzleBits seems like a fun game to play while you’re waiting or in short bursts. Either way, PuzzleBits looks like a blast.

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