Puzzle Your Way Out of the Tirelessly Entertaining Labyrinth

Every puzzle game fanatic loves a labyrinth. There’s something deeply thrilling and intensely exciting about putting yourself in a deep dark maze with eerie atmospheric sounds being your only companion, and then finding your way out of it.

In fondemzel’s puzzle game, you tap on the tiles in the ancient ruins of the Labyrinth to rotate and light up the dark and mysterious passages that lead to the exit. There are 33 challenging levels in the game and plenty of ways to get through each one of them. As you turn over the tiles, sometimes multiple times, you will discover gold, keys, and locks, which will come in handy to make your escape to the exit. The only real challenge in the Labyrinth is that you have a certain number of moves in which to reach the exit. And often, you will end up replaying levels over and over again to complete it.

You can tap on your scores to publish them to the public leaderboards but also be sure to head over to the Settings section and update your name.  The game will also be featuring additional levels in later versions and one that is currently in the works will apparently be set in the catacombs.

Labyrinth isn’t too taxing on the mind. Its a fun, free casual game that is perfect for those moments when you need a good diversion.


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