Figure Your Way Out of Locked Rooms in Puzzle Game Just Escape

Puzzle games are much more fun when you have an end result that brings you a sense of accomplishment. Inertia Software’s puzzle game Just Escape may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s a concept that can definitely provide for plenty of satisfaction for anyone looking for a fulfilling conclusion at the end of the journey.

In the game, you have to solve several pieces of puzzles in order to escape a medieval castle and a futuristic room. The Medieval castle features 11 rooms of which 7 rooms are free to play. The futuristic room has 10 rooms out of which 5 are free to play. There is also a Motel world that will be opened up in a future update.

The gameplay involves panning around the room, picking up items and then dismantling them or combining them with other items to create usable things that will help you find your way out of the room. A handy hint system is also available should you find yourself stuck in a room for far too long.

The game has some pretty neat graphics and the levels and puzzles are challenging enough to afford you some good hours of play.

If room-escape type of games are your thing, you can pick up Just Escape from the Play Store. Remember, you have 12 levels that are free to play with a further 9 more that can be unlocked via IAPs.

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