Put your Parking Skills to the Test with the Fun Arcade Game Car Park Control

Parking cars is a piece of cake, isn’t it? Well, CMGLabs, makers of Squishy Fruit are ready to test your skills with their latest Android game called Car Park Control.

It’s a pretty simple game with the right amount of challenges that keep your eyes on the road and fingers on the controls as to try to get past all obstacles to get the job done. At the start you are presented with an attractive map with little arrows showing you the various entry and exit routes. There are also shops with car parking placed at convenient locations. In frequent intervals cars will arrive from any of the entry points. You must press the cars and draw a direction on the road leading to the parking lot.

This is the basic idea, but traffic being what it is, you will find more cars and less spots to park them, pedestrians crossing at the most inappropriate times and angry drivers making life difficult for you. You will be required to take out a car from its spot and send it to the exit before directing the next one in. And before you do that you’ll find more cars arriving. It is both fun and challenging to keep cars from crashing into each other or avoiding drivers from losing their cool. There are also road barriers, roundabouts, closed parking spots and other tight spots that will keep you on your toes.

Time plays a big role in the game. You will be required to accomplish a different set of objectives  in each level within a time limit. If you manage to get it right, you earn stars for your achievement. Three stars in a level will earn you coins plus a free spin on the Wheel of Fortune, where you can earn some more coins. The coins will come in handy when you lose a level and want another go at it.

Cool cars, buses and other vehicles, 4 maps, 2 play modes and a chance to compete for leaderboard glory are the other interesting features of Car Park Control. You can pick up the game from the Play Store now for the price of free.

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