Post Apocalyptic RTS Game Apoc Wars Sets up Base in the Play Store

Mobage, who brought you strategy games like Fatal Frontier and D.O.T. Defender of Texel are out with their latest multiplayer cross-platform real-time strategy game called Apoc Wars. Set in a post apocalyptic world, where practically everything is destroyed, players must do what it takes to continue their survival.

And that means collecting scraps from the wastelands to setup buildings, barracks, and turrets, training troops, and then setting out on missions to destroy enemy hideouts and loot precious power ups. Since this a real-time strategy game, players will have to complete timed tasks but things can be speeded up using blood money earned from defeating the dirt bags.

Apoc Wars promises plenty of action with different combat units to train, hundreds of collectibles to pick up, and engaging in real time spy actions and battles. Mobage’s trademark social integration leaves its mark on Apoc Wars as well, as players can brag about achievements on Facebook and Twitter and create friendly alliances to battle enemies.

Here’s a quick at the feature rich list of key features in Apoc Wars.

Key Features: Apoc Wars

  • Build, defend and upgrade bases!
  • Collect plenty of items for unique tactical advantages.
  • Train a wide variety of combat units with special abilities: infantry, trucks, tanks, mechs, and more!
  • Spy on and attack enemy bases in real time.
  • Brag about your victories on Facebook or Twitter!
  • Replay videos of attacks on your base for strategy improvement!
  • Create alliances with your friends and exact sweet revenge on your enemies!

Apoc Wars is free to play and you can download it from the Play Store.


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