The Post-Apocalyptic Robot Saga Continues In EPOCH.2

First off I will say that for a limited time only you can get EPOCH.2 by Uppercut Games for half off ($2.50). EPOCH.2 continues the story set out in the first EPOCH which features a vast post-apocalyptic setting with robots. The story has EPOCH still tracking down Princess Amelia on a final last ditch lead.

Of course, a storyline is easier read than done and in the case of EPOCH.2 there are two warring robot factions in the way. Gameplay for EPOCH.2 is extremely well done. Everything is done with simple finger swipes from split-second tactical decisions, taking cover, selecting targets, dodging incoming fire, utilizing special abilities, and launching countermeasures. The other interesting thing about EPOCH.2 is the well crafted story. You’ll see humanity’s downfall and why Princess Amelia means the future. The world of EPOCH.2 is also well done in that great post-apocalyptic setting which plays directly into the gameplay as you scavenge parts to upgrade yourself. There is a lot of things upgraded and different about this sequel all for the best. Check out EPOCH.2 for a great app experience!

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