Popular RPG Card Game Guardian Cross Now On Android

Already released on iOS Square Enix has already amassed over 1.3 million downloads with its trading card battle RPG game Guardian Cross…and now it is hitting Android! Gameplay in Guardian Cross is all about creating your ultimate guardian army and battling with friends online in arena and co-op modes.

In whole there are over 120 guardians you can capture and train to add to your army in your goal of creating the best team you possibly can. You use this card army you have created to take on exciting quests that drive the storyline  and to battle and crush online opponents in the arena mode.

The guardian aspect in Guardian Cross is much more detailed than just simply finding or buying cards. You have to actually capture them in different environments in game such as grasslands and volcanoes in which you use your trusty hunting rifle to transform them into the cards. There is also a detailed combination system in which you may need to sacrifice one guardian to power up another and vice versa.

A good part about Guardian Cross is that it is free to play and advertises that the whole game can be played completely free with only some optional premium offered. Guardian Cross also features beautiful card illustrations so the game looks absolutely stunning.  So 1.3 million people can’t be wrong, try out Guardian Cross now on Android and start battling all your friends!

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