Polar Bowler Brings Back Winter Fun

I remember playing the original (or at least an older version) of WildTangent’s polar bear bowling game back when I was a kid but now they are bringing the icy fun to mobile with Polar Bowler. This is actually the second Polar Bowler game they have brought with the first being Polar Bowler First Frame but this time around there is a lot more content.

Polar Bowler is more than a bowling simulation game with polar bears, in fact it is almost like a physics puzzler with over 70 levels. Gameplay is fairly fast paced and levels have all sorts of obstacles to deal with aside from the pins. These include loops, ice hazards, tunnels and slingshots. There are also powerups you can get which influence the pins such as zapping them, blowing them up, and magnetizing them. If you’re into customization features then Polar Bowler has it all as well as a host of achievements. Whether you remember the Polar Bowler of ancient lore or just want a fun puzzle/bowling game, Polar Bowler is the game for you.

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