Play to Cure: Genes In Space Lets You Play a Role in Helping Scientists Find a Cure for Cancer

I never imagined that playing a game on my mobile phone could help find a cure for cancer. It seems completely improbable but scientists at the Cancer Research in UK have devised a space game that will get you to analyze thousands of cancer samples and identify the faults or genetic flaws that cause the disease.

Sounds complicated? Not really. Basically analyzing the thousands of cancer sample data and mapping them for genetic faults will take years even with the best of computers and technology. But if thousands or millions of players worldwide can play Genes in Space, they will inadvertently be providing the input that scientists need in arriving at a cure for the disease.

In the game you are an employee of Bifrost Industries, traders of a precious metal called Element Alpha, which is used to upgrade your spacecraft. You will be required to navigate your spacecraft and overcome obstacles to collect this element. As you travel across the environment you will trace a path that will enable scientists to study where the mutations are likely to occur.

If you would like to help the scientific community to find a cure for cancer sooner rather than later, just download and play the free arcade game Play to Cure: Genes In Space.

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