Pixeljam’s Prehistoric Dinosaur Surviving Platformer Looks for Kickstarter Funding

It’s been almost six years since indie developers Pixeljam launched their prehistoric platformer Dino Run featuring a dinosaur running away from its inevitable doom. If you were captivated by the dinosaur mania of those Jurassic Park days, you will most likely be intrigued by what the sequel to the original offers.

The fascination for dinosaurs apparently never dies because in Dino Run 2 Pixeljam is planning to introduce plenty of dinosaurs each with their own special skills and abilities. Apart from the speedy Velociraptor, players can enjoy the Archaeopteryx that can glide through the air, the heavy looking Parasaurolophus,and the mighty Triceratops among others.

In order to accommodate the abilities of the different types of dinosaurs, Dino Run 2 will have procedurally generated levels. For instance levels featuring the Velociraptor will include plenty of jumping and dodging challenges while those featuring the Archaeopteryx will include skies and cliffs that make gliding impossibly tough.The game will run through three time periods in history the Cretaceous, Paleolithic and Modern era.

The art styles will go through a redesign to make the dinos bigger and the landscapes lusher. There will be many of the customization options seen in the original, plus new hats, helmets, and wigs too. The multiplayer angle will allow players to chat with other players in lobbies, show off their good looking dinos and hunt for races to join. Players can upgrade dinos and multiplayer levels by participating in races, but what’s good to note is that Pixeljam also plans to allow players to play cross platform; so anyone playing on an Ouya can race a Mac user…all in real time.

All of these developments are going to cost a pretty  penny though, and Kickstarter being one of the best platforms to make that dream a reality, will be hosting the project for the next 29 days. If you’ve played Dino Run or love what Pixeljam is doing with Dino Run 2, show them all your love by contributing to their $175,000 funding request.

The game will become available in January 2014 on Windows, Mac, Linux, and Ouya with Android and iOS ports coming six months later. All donors will receive some cool rewards (soundtrack, beta access, art book, et al) and you can check all of that out and join the 200+ backers on their Kickstarter Campaign page.

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