Pinball Just Got A Lot More Competitive; PinWar

Traditionally pinball has been a solo experience, whether you are playing by yourself in the arcade at your local bowling ally or playing it on your Windows XP computer. Pinball has also always shown its face on video game platforms and are very popular. It is because of these factors that Bulkypix created a pinball video game that is different and offers head to head battle instead of the singleplayer aspect we all are used to. The product of Bulkypix’s development is PinWar.

PinWar is a face-to-face competitive pinball game in real time! However, that is kind of misleading as the multiplayer aspects of PinWar are not online but rather in person head to head with one device. Still interesting and hectic, however. So you can face your friend (or the AI) in head to head modes including battle modes, mission modes with optional co-op and there is even a level editor so you can make your own tables. The graphics look great with their 3D and the physics are the best you could expect in a pinball game. There is an impressive amount of pre-made pinball tables you can play and choose from with more coming quite often through updates and of course you can design your own. So if you’re into pinball and want a different experience or to play with a real life friend, grab PinWar and get battling!


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