Piece Together Your Memory In Cyto’s Puzzle Adventure

Cyto, a lovable blue ball of goo or neurons has lost his memory. Now it is up to you to fly Cyto through beautiful worlds and levels in an effort to gather up all the memory pieces and put them all together. Kerosene Games has a good track record and Cyto’s Puzzle Adventure seems to be on the right track as well. It is adorable, puzzling, and beautiful!

Cyto’s Puzzle Adventure has a whopping 81 levels in which you need to collect three memory fragments per level. Puzzles will put your own mind to the test while searching for Cyto’s. You’ll have to deal with interesting powerups, abilities and a good aim to completely restore Cyto’s memory. The more you collect the more Cyto’s story becomes more clear. His story is certainly interesting but it starts out foggy at best. The world that you’ll be traversing is filled with interesting otherworldly organisms and mystery along with an amazing soundtrack. You can get all 81 levels and Cyto glory with a $2.99 purchase. Cyto’s Puzzle Adventure is a great looking puzzle game that is well worth the asking price.

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