Perfect Time Killer; MinuteQuest

With MinuteQuest by moitititi you get quick “minute” games that will keep you addicted and coming back for more. The core of MinuteQuest is minimalism and simpley gameplay that still retains the great RPG spirit and options that other games have.

Gameplay of MinuteQuest is simple. Advance or die! You are put into a 2D field where those are literally your only options. As you progress you kill enemies, upgrade yourself and do more RPG type gameplay elements. While the actual gameplay of MinuteQuest is fairly simple it still does retain a pretty detailed RPG presence with loads of stats to keep track of and more. MinuteQuest also has a great sense of humor that allows for fun run throughs. If you have time to kill or want a game that you can play for a few minutes at a time then MinuteQuest is easily the game for  you. Check it out for free now on Google Play.

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