Pay What You Like, Humble Bundle 7 is Here with Another Awesome Deal

If you’ve been sitting with your Android device, pretty bored with what’s going on, this piece of news should brighten up your day. The guys at are throwing your way six awesome games for the price of “whatever you are ready to pay”. Ticket to Ride, Greed Corp, Incredipede and Anodyne will be available for your price, but if you pay over $ 6.25, that’s the average price of these four games you can unlock The Bard’s Tale and Worms Reloaded as well.

If you were thinking about buying these games individually, you’d be paying over $75. That’s because you can play these DRM free games on multiple platforms, (Windows, Mac and Linux) as well. To sweeten the deal, you can download soundtracks for select games plus pick up a Steam key if you pay over a dollar. Your payment can be made entirely to the developers, or to the Child’s Play Charity and/or the Electronic Frontier Foundation or as a tip to Humble Bundle themselves, but you can also choose to split your amount between the various entities.

Okay, now onto the games you get with this pack. Ticket to Ride is a popular turn based board game where you go on a cross country train adventure and claim railway routes along the way. This fun game also comes with the DLC Ticket to Ride 1910 USA version which offers 3 game variants and more destinations for your rail journey. Greed Corp is an award winning console game that requires you to mine the resources from your land to build cannons, turrets and troops and out-beat your enemies. Incredipede is a creepy puzzle game that will have you growing legs and muscles needed to make the journey across diverse worlds.

Anodyne is a 2D puzzle adventure making its Android debut. The game is all about exploring the subconscious with with a broom!  Worms Reloaded is a fun turn based strategy game where you command a team of worms to blow up your opponents. This game will come with its Android counterpart Worms 2: Armageddon. And finally, the Bard’s Tale is a humorous RPG title that puts you in the shoes of an unlikely rogue hero who journeys through the land to complete quests and fatten up his pockets.

Humble Bundle 7 packs a whole lot of gaming goodness and you’ve got about 13 days to decide if you want to go for it. If your answer is hell, yeah…hit this link.

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