Pass the time on your daily commute with these Android apps and games

Nothing interesting in the paper this morning? Still trying to get through that Romantic Pirate-Adventure novel your Auntie got you for Christmas? Never fear, because below you’ll find some great Android mobile games and apps that will keep you occupied throughout your commute. Just be sure you don’t miss your stop!

Super Mario Run

Mario is a man who needs no introduction. The moustachioed Nintendo hero has been a feature of our childhoods since the 80s, and there’s no reason why you can’t still enjoy leaping over toadstools or punching through bricks now you’re a grown-up with a commute and a job! The mobile version of the classic game is great for those with a shorter commute, or when you need a quick action fix before disappearing into the office.


Colouring books for grownups have seen a huge surge in popularity in recent years, with many praising the calming and stress relieving hobby as a great way to relax before or after the office. This app is no exception, and comes equipped with hundreds of colouring pages and dozens of categories to choose from. ColorMe ensures you will arrive at the office or at home with a new sense of serenity, but without pen all over your shirt and hands!


Minecraft took the gaming world by storm when it was first released nearly a decade ago, and its popularity shows no sign of slowing down. This creative block strategy game brought to life by bearded Swedish hipsters (obviously) has remained a hugely popular choice with kids, but who says grown-ups with an imaginative side can’t get lost in their own creations? There’s also a survival mode where players build shelter and do battle against a host of hostile “mobs” including the infamous Creeper, great for those who appreciate more of a challenge. Whichever mode you select, this is a seriously fun game, perfect to keep you occupied on those longer commutes.

Online Casino Games and Apps

The rise of online casino apps and games has been stratospheric, and it’s easy to see why. Whether its poker or blackjack, or you prefer a different thrill through either roulette or slots, online casino games have become increasingly sophisticated and many now feature graphics and features that rival the top mobile games. However, with so many casino titles and operators on the market it’s worth doing a little bit of research before you settle on a game that’s right for you.

Looking for something fast-paced and exciting to fill the void before your train pulls into the station? Check out some of the many immersive slots that feature at the best slot sites from Prefer something a little more strategic to pass the time? Poker could be right up your street and with daily tournaments and live dealer games running around the clock at most reputable online casinos you will always be occupied, regardless of when your working day starts.

Grand Theft Auto

Ah GTA, the violent classic that strikes fear into the hearts of well-meaning parents to this day. If you never convinced your mum to buy you it, the basic premise includes hijacking cars, racing around a mock up city and engaging in shootouts with your rivals, as well as completing missions. The mobile version is another great option for a longer commute, or should we say, for those with time to kill…

Download the latest GTA game app and you’ll be able to play along with friends online. Struggling to get a stable network connection? Continue on a solo mission and follow the tasks as you navigate around locations inspired by US states like Miami and LA.

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