Paper Sorcerer Expected To Launch Later This Month

It is always good to see Kickstarter campaigns successfully backed and then even better when they actually get released and everyone can experience the game they’ve been hyped for for so long. Such is the case with UltraRunawayGames’ game, Paper Sorcerer. It was successfully funded back in June and now hopefully it is getting its formal release later this month in October, a pretty good turnaround if you ask me.

If you aren’t familiar with Paper Sorcerer’s idea it is basically a black and white turn based RPG that caught a lot of people’s eyes. You play a sorcerer who has been stripped of his powers and minions and banished into a book. You then explore dungeons in a first person point of view and as you solve puzzles you earn more equipment and powers. What makes Paper Sorcerer interesting is how complex the turn based battles are. For instance you’ll have to worry about how many turns a spell will last, when to change your fighting style, when to defend, etc.  For fans of turn based RPGs, I think Paper Sorcerer is going to be a game that becomes a must download. So fingers crossed that the announcement is true to its work and Paper Sorcerer comes out later this month.

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