Nun Attack Origins: Yuki; Another Great Nun Shooting Saga

It is no surprise that Frima Studio’s Nun Attack series is popular. The original has been downloaded millions of times and even an endless runner was spun off of it. Now a new addition to the budding franchise is here; Nun Attack Origins: Yuki. Much like in the X-Men origins movies in Nun Attack Origins: Yuki you play in the past of Yuki to see how she became what she is now.

The story behind Nun Attack Origins: Yuki is that an ancient portal was opened with an evil spirit coming out to take all the orphans away. It is up to Yuki then to save the kids and take out this spirit. Gameplay of Nun Attack Origins: Yuki is different than both the original Nun Attack and Run and Gun. Instead it is a typical shooter puzzle where you plan strategic shots to take out enemies and save the orphans. In total there are 90 levels and over 200 orphans to rescue. As you play you also slowly rebuild the town itself which gives you a nice sense of accomplishment. Controls are intuitive so you won’t have an issue controlling Yuki. Overall it is interesting to see Frima Studios fleshing out the individual characters and Nun Attack Origins: Yuki is a good first game for that.

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