Nordic Themed Puzzle Adventure Munin Flies into Android

Norse mythology has always found a place on various mobile games and the latest one to take inspiration from it is Munin. The game is a 2D puzzle platformer where you play the role of the raven turned girl Munin, who is on a journey across the nine worlds of Yggdrasil to reclaim her lost feathers. Munin, a faithful messenger of Odin has sadly been stripped of her wings by Loki, who plays his mischievous role to perfection in every game he makes an appearance in.

Munin must make her way past stunning Nordic locations including beautiful lush mountains, volcanic caves, and deep fjords. Munin’s puzzles require more than the average puzzle solving skills as the ability to rotate environments adds a unique twist to the events.

Out of the box thinking is certainly rewarded as you rotate nearby platforms and turn pillars to bridges or walls to floors to create a passage to proceed further. Things won’t be easy though as there are dangers that could easily kill you like bottomless pits, spikes, fire and thorns, and what’s worse, you could lose all your level progress and have to start right back from scratch again.

But that’s what makes Munin so enjoyable. You are in no rush to complete the game and every victory can be sweetly savored. Should you decide to take this journey with the dark haired heroine, you’ll be $2.99 down on your purse, but a lot more enriched in your day!




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