Nom Nom Nom – Feed the OmNomster

Released this week from Made it App is a game called OmNomster, in which the main purpose is to feed the monster all you can! I certainly wish I had this monster as a kid so I wouldn’t have had to take out the trash so much because the OmNomster eats everything from banana peels to truck tires.

However, the OmNomster may be a nuisance as you have to get him to eat all your trash or you lose! The premise of OmNomster is similar to those of Fruit Ninja and the like where you bounce around the OmNomster getting him to eat all the trash. If you miss a piece of trash you lose a life and lose three lives and you lose the game. Controlling the OmNomster, though, is the fun part as you shake around your device to get him to move where you want. Adding some difficulty is various hazardous trash such as bubblegum which makes the OmNomster stick to walls thereby missing trash pieces. As you keep playing you’ll soon be able to customize the look of your OmNomster like he is your own trash eating pet. Available now on Google Play for $0.99, try out the OmNomster today and hope he doesn’t eat you.

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