No Half Measures in Upcoming Alien Strategy Game, Halfway

A new alien based turn-based strategy mobile game is coming to Android tablets in the future. The game is called Halfway and is by Robotality. Halfway takes place hundreds of years in the future aboard a spaceship that gets taken over by a group of aliens. You will have to fight your way corridor through corridor, room by room in this gritty and very sleek strategy space shooter game.

As you progress in Halfway you will meet other surviving crew members to join your force and uncover more details on what exactly is happening. The center of the game’s dynamics are in the tactical gun fights. They are fought in typical turn-based fashion but with other interesting tactical choices available. While Halfway is at its core a turn-based strategy game it focuses a lot of the story and has a lot of RPG elements thrown in. This means you can upgrade your characters, develop their skills and find and equip different items. From the trailer, Halfway looks amazing and can’t wait for the release later this year.

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