Neon Shadow Almost Ready to See the Light of Day

The people over at Tasty Poison Games who are responsible for mobile hits like Dig and Wacky Pigs have been extremely busy on their latest venture, Neon Shadow. Only a few glimpses in the form of screenshots and a trailer have been shown so far but they say it is almost done and from what I’ve seen it looks like it will be absolutely crazy fun!

Inspired by retro games such as Doom and Duke Nukum 3D, Neon Shadow started out as a simple game jam idea but has since evolved into becoming a full game. From the concept art and the trailer, Neon Shadow is a cyberpunk shooter where your guns look like they are made of twenty different parts and you’re facing robots and other mechanized beings. There also seems to be mech suits and walker bots that were not shown in the trailer but the concept art shows and they look pretty interesting.

While it is true not much has been shown of Neon Shadow I will say the trailer blew my mind. The gameplay featured along with the graphics just doesn’t seem like it would be possible for a tablet but more of an indie Steam title. Nonetheless it is not a dream and this beautiful technological blast fest will be available on Android and Ouya in 2013.

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