Neon Commander Blends Action, Puzzle and Humor

Herocraft is at it again and has just published a new title called Neon Commander. Designed in a neat retro style, Neon Commander has you battling aliens in a gameplay genre that is a mix and mashup of puzzle and action. Throw in a pretty humorous (for a mobile game) plot and you get a nice download.

Neon Commander

Gameplay of Neon Commander works like this. The alien ships fire shots at you and then you draw lines which form barrier shields to reflect those shots back to destroy them. Think Breakout but more puzzle based and more involved. The interesting aspect of Neon Commander is that there are a lot of different powerups that change the rules a bit. This works because there are also a ton of alien types that require different ways to defeat them. In total there are 32 levels with 6 boss fights. Controls are very intuitive since it is touch based and in general Neon Commander is a fun game to download.

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