Namco Bandai’s Adorable RPG Runner Hello Kitty Tap and Run is Here to Cheer

Its hard to resist the adorable charm and sweetness of the Hello Kitty characters. Namco Bandai have given us another chance to indulge in some of this sweetness with their recent release, Hello Kitty Tap and Run.

This game is a mish mash of endless running with RPG elements. You are put into Toy Town, home of the Hello Kitty Toys where everyone lives together happily. One day, Warrior Kitty finds a mysterious box, which contains a spell that leaves the residents trapped in treasure chests or transformed into gigantic scary monsters. You will undertake the journey that will purify the residents from the spell and eventually save the town.

At each stage you will run on platforms, collect items and use your special power button to purify incoming Kitties. There are also rewards of treasure chests on successful re-transformation of the toys.

All your activities are managed in the Hello Kitty Room that holds an inventory of the different characters that are available in the game. You can go in there to strengthen your kitty by (mixing two or more kitties or rather their abilities), organizing a Kitty Party, and getting back on the platform to tackle more doomed creatures. Each of the characters in the game have different abilities and skills and leveling up these skills will come in handy when you have to tackle the big boss fights.

You can also decorate your room with the accessories you collected in the game, invite friends to your room and check out what others are doing as well. The game’s pixel art graphics are no doubt sweet and adorable but it’s the volume of content that the game offers that is a true delight.

If you’re looking for some sweet natured casual fun, you can grab Hello Kitty Tap and Run from the Play Store for free.

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