Momonga Pinball Adventures Bounces Into Stores

Released today by Paladin Studios, Momonga Pinball Adventures is a touch screen mobile pinball game of the likes you’ve never seen before. Like the title suggests, it is more of an adventure pinball game rather than one you would play in the backroom of a bowling ally. In Momonga Pinball Adventures you bounce and zip along through different worlds, battle enemies and boss battles and general exploration instead of just lights and metal.

Basically, in a nutshell, Momonga Pinball Adventures is a pinball game with a storyline…and you don’t see many of those around. The story follows Momo and her friend Panda and Fry as they fight forces of evil come to their continent of Aya. Momonga Pinball Adventures seems to be a very action packed experience and features 9 storyline levels with 3 bonus minigames and over 45 challenges.

Packed full of content, the unique pinball experience and a decent sounding storyline you wouldn’t think Momonga Pinball Adventures could get any better…but it does. A big selling point for me in a mobile game is no in-app purchases of which Momonga Pinball Adventures has none which makes the already reasonable price of $0.99 even better. So pick up this pinball experience on Google Play today!

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