Mobile Security: Hackers and VPNs

In 2018, we are just beginning to understand the full impact of cyber warfare on our lives. Over a couple of years ago, cyber security experts didn’t pay so much attention to what we’re now calling one of the most vulnerable but important fields in the modern world – the Internet.

With new dangers of powerful online threats, we begin looking for the new ways to keep our mobile devices safe. If 5-6 years ago, the main target was a laptop or a PC, now the first position belongs to smartphone. The Internet of Things and the new platforms of mobile computing make us facing absolutely different cyber concerns and dangers online. Modern hackers are not teenagers, who are writing harmful programs as it used to be earlier. Now we have professionally organized hackers, who have targeted tools and programs, which are constantly developing. But the question has remained the same. How to protect your device, without limiting your Internet experience? Well, with a VPN. That is the only answer for now. Why? Let’s find out. By the way, check if you’re looking for a VPN service for Android specifically.

VPNs for Mobiles

A VPN is a virtual private network or, in other words, personal network, which gives an additional layer of protection to your mobile traffic. A VPN creates an invisible tunnel, leading your outcome and income traffic through it. Any personal or external data going through a VPN tunnel is 100% protected and coded for other people online. Okay, but who needs a VPN? Is it only for business people? Or is it only for travellers? Is it only for those who surf the web in public networks? Do you need a VPN?

First of all, let’s make it clear that a VPN is not a tool for a certain category of people. Anyone from the crowd can become a potential target for a hacker if they have a smartphone in a pocket. Today hackers try to get not only that precious information, which belongs to the government or big corporations. Any kind of private data can be interesting because of the rapidly growing tendency of using a smartphone as a tool for running a business, banking, and doing financial operations. Everything from your Facebook password to the number of your credit card can be useful in terms of hacking your smartphone. This is the main purpose to get a VPN installed on your device. Visit for the list of top VPN services on the market currently.

So, you definitely need a VPN if:

  • You store any kind of personal or financial data on your smartphone;
  • You constantly check your accounts and emails in public places through a free WiFi zone;
  • You often travel abroad

The situation with cyber security is quite dangerous at the moment. So, the question of protecting your mobile devices should be taken seriously. And the vast development of mobile-computing age highlights the importance including cyber vulnerability issues and VPNs on the top list.

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