Minecraft: Pocket Edition Set to Get Plenty of Great Features in Upcoming 0.9.0 Update

Minecraft: Pocket Edition, the enormously popular block building adventure game is all set to receive its next update, 0.9.0 on Thursday, July 10th 2014. This is primarily a survival oriented update with new biomes, generated structures, mobs, blocks, and a number of technical changes making its way into the game.

Jungles, roofed forests, mesa, savannahs, taiga, mushroom island and river are confirmed new biomes. Generated structures that are confirmed include caves, lava pools, abandoned mineshafts, villages, and strongholds.

Passive, neutral, and hostile mobs have also been confirmed but Enderpearls will not be available in this update. Creative inventory additions include trees, plants, and wood among other items.There are also plenty of new flowers although the Cyan Flower is now going to be replaced by the Poppy.

Technical changes include superflat and infinite worlds with abilities to pick the world type and sizes. Players will also be seeing an updated inventory and crafting screen.

The game is currently available on the Play Store for $6.99. If you already own a copy of the game, be sure to grab the update when it launches this Thursday.

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