Middle Manager of Justice Stomps onto Android, Whips Heroes into Action

The corporate honchos and dazzling management cadres may command all the attention in an Office, but it is always the humble and ordinary junior guy who tackles all the day to day nitty-gritties and ensures the smooth functioning of the team. Double Fine Productions’ witty and humorous Middle Manager of Justice has finally arrived on the Android shores to show who’s boss!

In this slick game, players take on the role of the new recruit of Justice Corp, whose job is to hire superheroes and train them to fight evil bosses, clean up the crime-ridden city and make the city safe for its citizens. Starting from a simple humble and yes, messy office, players will build their team of heroes and send them on missions such as handling bullies, or saving the school bus that’s lost control on the roads. Missions will bring in the much needed cash which can be used to build the office resources needed to train the heroes and improve their efficiency.

Middle Manager of Justice brings some really cool animation art, funny dialogues, and satire that is sure to bring a few laughs and keep players entertained along the way.

The game is free to download but includes IAPs to cut short waiting times of tasks. Nevertheless, there’s enough free stuff in there to keep you entertained.

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