Marvel Heroes Come Together on Android in Endless Runner Marvel Run Jump Smash

Marvel’s superheroes are all coming together in an endless runner called Marvel Run Jump Smash. You can play as the super spy Black Widow, the Incredible Hulk, swinging Spiderman, thunder Thor, Iron man, Captain America, Captain Marvel, and Hawkeye as you take on Loki and his villainous followers.

Each super hero is naturally blessed with special, unique characteristics and you can make the best use of each of those qualities by switching between the heroes mid-game. That’s not all. There’s also a Special Attack for each hero, which when activated unleashes devastating powers.

As with all endless runners, you get to collect coins and boosts along the way. You can also buy special power-ups and upgrade your character to boost your distance and scores. The bigger your scores, the bigger the chances are to reach the top of the leaderboards when you compete against friends.

Marvel Games will be updating new game locations and new superheroes regularly so if you feel like running, jumping, and smashing your way through iconic locations in the shoes of not one but eight different superheroes, head over to the Play Store and grab Marvel Run Jump Smash for $0.99.

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