Mana Crusher is a Clever Little Puzzle Game Featuring Lots of Wizards and Spells

Looking for an interesting puzzle game on Google Play? How about one involving lots of cute wizards and some magical spells. Yeah? You’re game? Well, this one is called Mana Crusher and it involves collecting a whole lot of mana and some gift-wrapped magic boxes simply by moving your wizard around a board.

At the start of the game, you choose your wizard character and are told that you’ve been banished from your home, on account of being such a dastardly wizard, to a faraway planet called Magia Orbis. Magia Orbis is a fairy world where reside all sorts of strange and magical creatures, some friendly, while others not so. The game itself involves playing against these creatures for top scores and other objectives and missions.

You are placed on a board filled with different types of mana. Your main task is to draw the longest possible line connecting mana of the same type. You take turns against your opponent who will also do the same. As you win matches you will level up, earn clovers and gems and use that to get a free lottery ticket, which will help you open up more wizards.

The game features over 100 magical puzzles and while they are not too challenging, there are lots of bright colorful characters you’ll meet, fresh spells you’ll pick up, and interesting surprises you’ll find along the way.

You can also connect with your Facebook friends to compete for top scores. The developers are promising at least 40 hours of gameplay, and from what I’ve seen, it looks like a good way to kill some lame hours. Mana Crusher is available on Google Play for the price of free. Check it out!

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