Magnetoid; An Endless Runner Powered By Magnetism

Another endless runner, blah blah blah. I won’t go through my spiel this time and just say that Magnetoid  by Room 247 Studios is interesting and worth downloading. Basically the “gimmick” of Magnetoid  is actual magnetism. So you simply tap the screen to change polarity and you’ll be flip flopping like a mad man. This makes for some crazy intense games, trust me.

That is pretty much the extent behind Magnetoid…at least controls wise. Simply tap and fling yourself around. Of course there are different powerups and such along the course you want to collect or avoid. Collect batteries to fill your power boost ability (which you swipe the screen to use) and avoid all the obstacles. Magnetoid is in the popular retro pixel style but I’m a fan of it and think it looks good. A nice soundtrack accompanies the game and there are plenty of achievements to earn. Best of all is that Magnetoid is free with no ads. Check out Magnetoid  on Google Play today.

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