MacGyver Deadly Descent a Pulsating Action Game Lands on Google Play

Angus MacGyver, the popular secret agent from the action-adventure TV series that ran in the late eighties to the early nineties is making a comeback on mobile as an action thriller called MacGyver Deadly Descent.

This time our hero gets involved in a dangerous mission in the D.A.W.N Laboratories where a computer virus has virtually trapped all its scientists underground. He must race against time and descend into the complex before it runs out of air. What’s more, little does Angus know that within its depths lies an even deadlier enemy waiting for him.

In true MacGyver style, you will be required to take on complex puzzles in pressurizing situations as you go down the lift shaft. Although the game is pitted as an action thriller, there is more of puzzle solving elements involved here such as re-routing laser beams and such. Well, you can hardly expect to be shooting at anyone or anything as that’s so not typical of MacGyver!

The game has plenty of content and ones that you replay as many times as you like too. If you are fan of this TV hero, you can pick up the game from Google Play for $2.99. You’ll be happy to know that part of the sale proceeds will go to support The MacGyver Foundation, which believes in solving problems without indulging in violence.

MacGyver Deadly Descent is fun to play and if you find solving the logical puzzles in intense situations a little too nerve wracking you can pick up a free cheats app that offers you all the solutions you need to complete the game.

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