LYNE Joins the Ranks of Super Addicting Minimalistic Puzzlers on the Play Store

Everyone loves a good minimalistic puzzler. Whether its the simple art style that gets you or the mind numbing puzzles themselves, they are just super popular. A new one is on the Google Play Store now titled LYNE. In fact, LYNE is developer Thomas Bowker’s first “real” non-jam game that is on the Play Store and it looks amazing.

The description says deceptively simple; infinitely complex. And that is exactly what you get with LYNE. The overall goal is to connect shapes and fill the given board. Again, sounds simple right…Of course things start out easy but soon take a turn for the difficult which is what we all want. There are hundreds of levels to test your brain power and an infinite number of procedurally generated levels that get added daily. For all intents and purposes you can play LYNE literally forever. The minimalistic theme graphically also makes for a slick interface that you’ll love. LYNE will run you back about $2.50 but that is a one time price with no ads or in-app purchases after that. Also for essentially an infinite amount of gameplay, $2.50 isn’t bad at all, plus you’re supporting an Indie developer. Check out LYNE now!


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User Reviews

Simplicity at its best

I absolutely love these simple, minimalistic puzzle games. And LYNE is one of the best so far from a relatively up and coming developer. Simple but extremely addicting and brain thinking.

Posted by Nat 10 years ago

Beautiful puzzle

Lyne is gorgeous! On one hand it's similar to famous Flow from iOs but on the other it's improved and extended. I'm spending most of my free-time playing it and can't stop! :D

Posted by NoBrainer 10 years ago

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